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From July 31st to August 30th, the water shows, which received a great deal of attention across the region, will again take place in the Wolfsburg Autostadt. These spectacular shows have been staged as part of the Autostadt Summer for several years – always with new focal points. While last year’s theme was “Rocking UK”, in 2015 the organizers will focus on France and take visitors to the events on a journey through the country’s culture and history under the motto “Vive la France”. Lunatx SFX, a creative company specializing in music-synchronized drone, pyro and flame shows and special effects, is once again in charge of the staging and enriches the water shows with its know-how.

150 X-Flames in the blue lagoon

Installation in short time windows – at night

Lights wafting across landscapes, images projected onto water fountains and effects timed to the point – the shows staged as part of the Autostadt Summer always provide emotional moments for visitors and at the same time are a stage for the performance of the participating companies. The Autostadt itself is responsible for the production and direction of the water shows. Under their direction, Lunatx SFX, LLeyendecker, Tarm Showlaser and Aquatique Show International create a captivating total work of art of fire and water and light, Laser and effect technology.

14 days, eleven employees

For a fortnight, eleven Lunatx SFX employees scoured the automotive theme park’s lagoon-like lake area to install their flames and water effects: 85 X-Flame C1 and eight Giant Flame static flame, 40 X-Flame C1 and eight X-Flame F.15 with pivoting flame as well as eight X-Flame Flowers and two X-Flame SUN with rotating flame were integrated into the setup for the fire staging.

Construction work in the lake

the entire technology is sunk in a pedestal installed under water

The team installed twelve water shots of 125 liters each and one large-volume water shot of 500 liters for water effects. The entire technology was installed on a platform sunken in the lake, which is around 50 centimeters below the water level. A challenge for the crew, since the construction work had to be carried out almost entirely in the water. Also noteworthy is the meticulous preliminary planning for the ongoing installation work, which is carried out continuously until the end of the show section at the end of August: In order not to disturb public traffic in the Autostadt, the technicians had to carry out their installations in a short time window at night.

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