All special effects, all pyrotechnics and ignition Olympic Flame.

Spectacular pyrotechnics and innovative special effects on a grand scale before the eyes of the whole world – Lunatx SFX was the first German provider ever to realize all the special effects and pyrotechnics at an Olympics. This is what happened at the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Sochi: Lunatx SFX enhanced both the opening event and the closing event in an attention-grabbing manner. These included, for example, pyrotechnic installations on the roof of the Olympic Stadium, the fireworks, and the indoor effects in the arena.

All designed from a single source by Lunatx SFX and implemented for this festival of the peoples of the world. We are particularly proud of the most important ceremony of all for the Olympic Games: the lighting of the Olympic flame with our in-house developed module »X-Flame«.

Opening sequence Indoor

Installation of pyro product on one of the Olympic Rings

Scene from the Opening Show

Final scene of the Opening Show

Lighting of the Olympic Cauldron

Lighting of the Olympic Cauldron

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