The elements of fire and water dance beside the tallest building in the world – Burj Khalifa new year’s eve fireworks show in Dubai

At the »Emaar New Year’s Eve« celebration on December 31, 2012, in Dubai, more than one million people from around the world gathered to welcome the year 2013. This magnificent event was witnessed live by two billion viewers through their home TV screens. One of the highlights of the evening was the 35-minute countdown leading up to the New Year.

As part of a spectacular multimedia show, the Düsseldorf pyro and effects specialist Lunatx SFX enriched the world’s Lunatx SFX, the pyro and effects specialist from Düsseldorf, played a significant role in enhancing the world’s largest New Year’s Eve gala on the Persian Gulf with a mesmerizing two-minute fire show. A remarkable aspect of this performance was the seamless integration of the Lunatx SFX flame system into the existing water show and the overall multimedia concept of the event. Following the motto “The Show must go on,” the multimedia performance continued twice a day until February 4.

The venue for this grand celebration was the Burj Khalifa in central Dubai, the tallest building in the world. Organized by Emaar Properties Dubai, the event captivated guests with an unprecedented combination of various show elements. The brilliant multimedia spectacle unfolded on Lake Burj.

Lunatx SFX and the 68 X-Flames

Planning time of two months, pre-production phase of two and a half weeks.

With a planning time of two months and a pre-production phase of two and a half weeks, the creative team led by Creative Director Andree Verleger from ABC Event Production and Creative Director Frank Lohse from Lunatx SFX meticulously designed and executed the event. The setup involved the installation of 68 X-Flame systems on Lake Burj. Show equipment included 56 X-Flame C.1 flame systems, six swiveling X-Flame F15 systems, and six X-Flame Giant systems.

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