of Special Effects

Playing around the world with drones, flames and pyro whenever something BIG is happening

Lunatx SFX

Orchestra of Special Effects

Music-synchronous drone, pyro and flame shows as well as special effects for all purposes, indoors and outdoors. In sports arenas, concert halls, theaters, studios – for inaugurations, shows, events, film & TV productions, commercials, corporate events and product presentations.

As a full-service company, Lunatx SFX supports its clients with advice and action right from the start – from brainstorming to conception and planning to implementation.

Our mission and passion: To create good shows and great joy with a lot of creativity, high tech and a special love for music.

Lunatx Drone Shows — Symphony of Flying Lights

Lunatx Flame Shows — Formation of Dancing Flames

Lunatx Pyro Shows — Harmony of Colourful Stars

For over 20 years we have been realizing exciting projects for very different clients.

Create great things

Surprise, fascinate and touch a large audience

Olympic & Paralympic Winter Games Ceremonies, Sochi – 48th U.A.E. National Day Celebrations, Abu Dhabi – 18th Asian Games Ceremonies, Jakarta – 1st European Games, Baku – Jeddah Season XJED Festival, Jeddah – 4th Islamic Solidarity Games, Baku – Eurovision Song Contest, Copenhagen – Circle of Light Multimedia Show, Moscow – EXPO Ceremonies, Antalya – European Capital of Culture, Umeå – DisneyDreams! Euro Disney, Paris – Tomorrowland Dreamville Boom, Belgium – Mario Barth – World Record Shows, Olympic Stadium Berlin – International Porsche Cayenne Reveal, South Africa – German Unification Day, Berlin, Hannover & Munich – Jaguar Landrover Camp, Autódromo Portimão – UEFA Champions League Final, Berlin – DEL Winter Game, Düsseldorf – International Porsche 911 Reveal, Estoril – VW Autostadt 15th Anniversary Celebrations, Wolfsburg – DFB German Cup Finale, Olympic Stadium Berlin – WDNH VIP Multimedia Show, Moscow – International Porsche Macan Reveal, Barcelona – NuSkin GC Success Trip Gala Shows, Dubai – Breitling Exhibition Event, Basel – TV Total Stockcar Crash Challenge, Gelsenkirchen – 150th Anniversary Bayer AG, Leverkusen – International Porsche Panamera Reveal, Faro – De Efteling “Ravelejin Show”, Netherlands – Emaar NYE Flame Show Burj Khalifa, Dubai – Eurovision Song Contest, Baku – 50th Anniversary Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development, Kuwait – FIFA Women’s World Cup Final, Frankfurt – FIFA Women’s World Cup Opening, Berlin – 1st GCC Games Opening Ceremony, Bahrain – Asian Football Cup, Qatar – 40th Oman National Day, Muscat – VW Autostadt “Magic Water” Shows, Wolfsburg – Eurovision Song Contest, Düsseldorf – EXPO 2010, Shanghai – 20th Anniversary of the German Reunification, Berlin – UEFA Champions League Final, Madrid – GOYS Sports Recognition Event Award, Bahrain – VW Autostadt 10th Anniversary Celebrations, Wolfsburg – IAAF World Indoor Championships, Doha – South Asian Games, Bangladesh – World Squash Championship Closing Ceremony, Kuwait – Tawteen Council Employment Ceremony, Abu Dhabi – UEFA Champions League Final, Rome – Olympic Forrest Park, Beijing – Inauguration Radisson SAS Abyyar Tower, Dubai – 50th Anniversary Abu Dhabi Police Department, Abu Dhabi – 1st, 2nd & 3rd Anniversary Dubai International Financial Center DIFC, Dubai – Eurovision Song Contest, Athens – FIFA World Cup Final, Olympic Stadium Berlin – Bregenz Festival “Troubadour” & “Aida”, Bregenz – Ehrlich Brothers “Flash” Stadium Show, Düsseldorf – Al Maktoum Royal Birthday Party Celebrations, Dubai – 2nd Festival of Cultures and Civilisations of World Deserts, Dubai – Mother of the Nation Festival, Abu Dhabi (…)

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Fig 1 — »Voyager Golden Records« on board the interstellar space probes Voyager 1 and 2

Fig 2 — Lunatx Pyro Show — Opening sequence of the Winter Olympics

Fig 3 — Lunatx SFX Crew at the ESC, European Song Contest

Sound & Music

Perfectly orchestrated with drone, pyro and flame shows

Our entire universe works through music (Fig 1).

The Lunatx Orchestra of Special Effects always strives for perfect harmony with music and sound. Different strengths and peculiarities are used in each form of play: Drone Shows, Flame Shows or Pyro Shows. We spend a lot of energy and time on this. In some constellations, music is part of our arrangement (Fig 2).

In other situations, music plays the first violin, perfectly orchestrated, accompanied by our visual instruments (Fig 3).

Welcome toour Orbit