Pyro Shows

Harmony of
Colourful Stars

Lunatx pyro shows develop a maximum range between overwhelming bombast and fine, quiet tones. For our setups, we find the most attractive firing positions possible in order to create geometrically interesting, graphic shapes. The Orchestra of Special Effects dissects the music, develops individual layers from it and creates an audiovisual remix with suitable effects – in different effect levels, colors, types and looks.

Intelligent concepts for more sustainability

Our intelligent concepts make Lunatx Pyro Shows more spectacular and more lasting at the same time: We bring the effects close to our audience while scaling the Pyro Effects down at the same time. The effect is more emotional and touching and significantly less pollutant is emitted. High quality “Low Smoke” and “No debris” product reduce smoke up to 90%! The complete keyboard of pyrotechnic tones, colors and textures, masterfully orchestrated into a large whole – with sustainability at the cutting edge of research. We call it »Harmony of Colorful Stars«.

From the choice of materials, colors and tones to the design of the show choreography – our inspiration is the starry sky of a quiet, dark night.

the perfect form of art

At the moment of its highest perfection, the picture eludes the viewer again.

This free quote after Ernst Schoen, handed down by Theodor Adorno, describes very well what fascinates us so much about fireworks. It’s an archaic, fleeting medium, knows no ctrl-z and no rewind. Lunatx Pyro Shows are powerful productions that allow the audience to experience extreme brightness, impressive colors and powerful sound effects directly.

Fig 1 — A powerful medium which allows the audience to experience extreme brightness, impressive heat development and powerful sound effects.

Fig 2 — Particularly attractive in combination with soft, majestic bouquets such as Horse Tail Brocade Kamuro.

Fig 1 — Diverse in shape, color, and sound, as well as a wide range of speeds (slowly ascending crowns to the racy Tracer Comets).

wow effect

traditional craftsmanship meets high tech

People have always had a very emotional feeling when experiencing pyro shows. A magical spell is created, a connection, culminating in the wow effect. Black powder, originally invented for military use, has been continuously developed from the very beginning: today we use material with crazy color transformations that are otherwise only known from electrically operated light fixtures.

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