Drone Shows

Symphony of
Flying Lights

The DNA of the Lunatx Drone Shows is brought to life through decades of experience and in-house development in the fields of engineering and creativity. Our Creations are shaped by our work for international events in the top league. In the hands of our drone pilots, the Lunatx SFX X-Drone Swarm is the best in show biz.

Anything you can imagine or desire will find its place in the night sky with Lunatx Drone Shows.

Connectivity – 256 X-Drones form a QR code and link the show with a product URL.

Brand & Prodcut Launch – Lunatx Drone Shows for attention-grabbing staging of brand messages.

Music festivals & ceremonies – whether support act or headliner: always in interaction and synchronization with sound and visuals.

Public & Cultural Events – Make events bigger and capture a large audience through a huge viewing area.

Inauguration Events – glittering backdrop for extraordinary social media moments.

Corporate events – logo, branding, claims and forms shine animatedly in the night sky.

The sky

Largest multimedia screen in the world

In the Lunatx LAB we drive the development of hardware and software – here we create our own tools in-house and constantly develop them further.

The interaction between virtual content on viewers’ smartphones and the Lunatx Drone Shows offers special possibilities for resonant productions: sometimes 256 X-Drones form a QR code that connects show and online content. Or instagrammable wow moments shine in the sky and ensure more likes. Other times, events become larger, capturing a large audience through a huge viewing area. Lunatx Drone Shows make the sky the largest multimedia screen in the world.

Fig 1 — In the hands of our pilots, lunatx SFX’s X-Drone swarm is the best in show biz.

Fig 2 — Innovation: Making heaven the largest multimedia platform on earth.

Fig 3 — Sustainability: The module »Lunatx Drone Show« can be realized CO2-neutal.

Fig 4 — Safety: »Lunatx Ground Control« monitors all function parameters with satellite support at up to 100 fps.

Fig 5 — Creativity: Endless possibilities for customer wishes when high-tech rises into the starry sky.

CO2 neutral and safe

We pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers the highest environmental and safety standards. The »Lunatx Drone Show« module can be implemented in a CO2-neutral manner (Fig. 3), our drone shows are certified by the Federal Aviation Office and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency. The in-house developed software “Lunatx Ground Control” is constantly being further developed in exchange with our drone pilots and is the big brain of the elegantly controlled formation flights. In addition, it monitors all function parameters with satellite support at up to 100 fps.

Welcome toour Orbit