High feelings
at the olympic
ski jump

Lunatx SFX accompanied the anniversary industry meeting of Aareon, Europe’s leading IT consulting and systems house for the real estate industry. Lunatx SFX has enriched the eve event of the 25th Aareon Congress in the stadium of the Garmisch-Partenkirchen Olympic ski jump with a spectacular show production. Aareon has thus thanked its customers for their many years of good cooperation.

Putting the show on a solid legal foundation

Under the conceptual direction of Circ GmbH & Co. KG, the Lunatx SFX team had installed various launching devices in the area of the Olympic hill within one day. Previously, the Düsseldorf-based company had to put the service on a solid, legal foundation. An extensive notification procedure with the owner of the Olympic ski jump and various offices had to be processed first before the installation work could begin.

In total, the Lunatx SFX team installed 52 one-shot positions at strategically selected points in the location. 17 one shots were placed on the roofs of the arena and 14 on the stands with the help of a lifting platform. The hill itself was also converted into a launch pad for the Lunatx SFX pyrotechnics: 20 positions were attached to the hill jumping hill and another shooting base to the ski jump tower itself – to master everything on foot, only accessible via a narrow staircase along the ski jump.

Good planning was also particularly important: During the site inspection before the operation, it became clear that Lunatx SFX had to incorporate its own engineering know-how for the implementation of the project. Special mounting devices for the installation of the launch pads on the roof and grandstand of the stadium had to be made in advance to ensure safe show staging.

at nightfall

With the onset of darkness on the day of June 17, the show countdown for Lunatx SFX began.

In a marquee set up in the middle of the stadium, Aareon had entertained its guests until numerous torchbearers appeared and led them in front of the tent in an atmospheric firelight – at the same time this was the starting signal for the show of the pyrotechnicians from Lunatx SFX, which was coordinated down to the smallest detail, which bathed the sky above the location in glaring light for a few moments and created a memorable moment for the spectators.

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