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at the olympic ski jump – unforgettable light and sound show at Aareon Congress

Lunatx SFX accompanied the anniversary industry meeting of Aareon, Europe’s leading IT consulting and systems house for the real estate industry, with an unforgettable experience of light and sound. The 25th Aareon Congress held at the stadium of the Garmisch-Partenkirchen Olympic ski jump was transformed into a mesmerizing spectacle thanks to Lunatx SFX’s spectacular show production. Aareon expressed their gratitude to their customers for years of collaboration by putting on this extraordinary event.

Putting the show on a solid legal foundation

Under the conceptual direction of Circ GmbH & Co. KG, the Lunatx SFX team swiftly installed various launching devices across the Olympic hill area in just one day. Prior to the installation work, the Düsseldorf-based company ensured that all legal requirements were met, undergoing an extensive notification procedure with the owner of the Olympic ski jump and various offices.

In total, the Lunatx SFX team installed 52 one-shot positions at strategically selected points in the location. 17 one In total, the Lunatx SFX team strategically installed 52 one-shot positions throughout the location. Seventeen one shots were placed on the roofs of the arena, while fourteen were positioned on the stands using a lifting platform. The hill itself was transformed into a launch pad for the Lunatx SFX pyrotechnics, with twenty positions attached to the hill jumping hill and another shooting base on the ski jump tower itself. Access to these areas was limited, with technicians having to navigate a narrow staircase along the ski jump.

Meticulous planning played a crucial role, as Lunatx SFX incorporated their engineering expertise during the site inspection. Special mounting devices were created in advance for the installation of the launch pads on the stadium’s roof and grandstand, ensuring the safe and secure staging of the show.

at nightfall

As darkness descended on June 17th, the countdown for the show began. Aareon had entertained their guests in a marquee set up in the middle of the stadium. Soon, torchbearers emerged and led the guests outside the tent, creating an enchanting atmosphere with their firelight. This marked the start of the meticulously coordinated show by Lunatx SFX, which bathed the sky above the location in brilliant light for a few unforgettable moments, creating a truly memorable experience for all spectators.

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