Nu SKin Gala Event

Nu Skin Gala Event in Dubai: the desert is alive – unforgettable entertainment and spectacular performances

This became clear in Dubai after the show, when a Lunatx team member discovered a clean scorpion just in time while dismantling a wiring harness. It was no less lively on two evenings before: In the middle of the huge Meydan Event Arena, the experience professionals from Uniplan in association with abc event production, Neumann & Müller and Lunatx SFX staged a multimedia effect show of the special class for more than 8000 gala dinner guests each – not only in terms of the dimension of the event, but also the conditions for its realization.

Pyrotechnic Part: 100% FallOut-free

Peak temperatures of 43 degrees are not unusual for Dubai – but not in April. The same applies to the sudden downpours, which unexpectedly made it difficult to set up the event technology in the centre of the 250 m wide and 420 m long amphitheatre. This did not detract from the successful implementation of the incentive event for deserving employees of the beauty care company Nu Skin.

A particular challenge for Lunatx SFX was the need to make the pyrotechnic part 100% FallOut-free. The reason for this: the 360° concept of the show. The more than 8000 dinner guests formed a circle around the central multimedia stage and were very close to the action. Although not quite as close as our technician to the scorpion in the wiring harness.

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