German Unity Day

Historical old town and listed buildings – German Unity Day with an impressive single shot pyro-show by LunatX

In the historical city of Dresden, Lunatx SFX played a vital role in the commemoration and celebration of German Unity Day. Working alongside Compactteam event-marketing-concept GmbH, the six-member Lunatx team, led by Frank Lohse and Bodo Traub, meticulously designed and implemented a remarkable setup within a tight timeframe of just five days. Due to the location’s proximity to the historical old town and listed buildings, extensive discussions and a comprehensive security concept were crucial.

Shipping traffic and excursion boats must not be affected

Various launch positions can only be positioned just in time.

A total of 39 firing positions were strategically installed on the terrace bank, with an additional 11 on the roof of the Kunstakademie, 5 on the roof of the Hilton Hotel, and 9 on the roof of the Ständehaus. The diverse nature of the rooftops presented unique challenges, requiring tailored solutions to ensure the safe installation of the launch base. Furthermore, the bustling shipping traffic and excursion boats posed an additional obstacle, necessitating precise timing and coordination to avoid any disruptions.

With the innovative addition of launch bases allowing for adjustable firing angles, Lunatx SFX delivered a visually stunning fireworks display, encompassing both standard and unconventional shots. The grand finale of the evening show, executed flawlessly by Lunatx SFX, left an indelible mark on the celebration of German Unity Day, providing attendees with an unforgettable experience.

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