Vodafone Drone Stunt 5G+
Social Media

A strong network enables an exciting future!

A start formation analogous to the shape of the Vodafone Speechmark, it rises and transforms into the GIGA 5G+ logo. The 5G+ network is so fast that even video streaming and gaming are no problem – corresponding typo flies through a smartphone. VR glasses are formed – even these applications are no problem in the 5G+ network. The »V« from »VR« transforms into a Victory symbol and finally becomes the »V« of the final Vodafone logo.
Lunatx SFX and multimedia artist Klaus Gendrung developed a storyboard together with the client to draw the benefits of Vodafone’s new 5G+ network into the evening sky.

Symphony of Flying Lights shows how Vodafone’s real-time network takes web browsing to a new level for #DroneDay.

Film production exclusively for social media

From the very beginning, the clip was planned to match the soundtrack. Since the client wanted a social media-compliant, entertaining clip, some of the filming was arranged in a highly accelerated manner (»speed ramp«). The video editing was developed at the same time as the 3D programming of the drones, so that the light and formation changes could be presented synchronized to the music in the finished film.

It was important to the customer that close-up shots of the drones »in action« be seen again and again in the video clip to give the footage even more authenticity.

In collaboration with the multimedia artist Klaus Gendrung (modern media).

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