Tag der Deutschen Einheit

historical old town and listed buildings

The 6-member Lunatx team under the creative direction of Frank Lohse and the production management of Bodo Traub created an outstanding set-up on behalf of Compactteam event-marketing-concept GmbH within 5 days. Since this was located directly on the border to the historic old town and on listed buildings, an elaborate security concept as well as intensive discussions with homeowners, authorities, fire brigade, security forces and the organizer were required in advance. During the construction phase, 39 firing positions were installed on the terrace bank, 11 on the roof of the Kunstakademie, 5 on the roof of the Hilton Hotel and 9 on the roof of the Ständehaus.

shipping traffic and excursion boats must not be affected

Various launch positions can only be positioned just in time.

Thanks to the newly developed additional launch base, which enables infinitely variable adjustment of the firing angle, particularly flat and steep effect shots could be realized in addition to the standard angles. The installation was a real challenge, as each of the three building roofs offered different conditions, so that a separate solution had to be found for each roof for the safe installation of the launch base. The shipping traffic of the excursion boats represented an additional obstacle, because this could not be affected by the construction of the fireworks. Thus, some firing positions were only attached to the end position a short time before the start of the show. The spectacular fireworks of Lunatx SFX rounded off the impressive evening show and ensured an unforgettable celebration of the Day of German Unity.

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