FIRE shows

fire shows for your events

Whether as a permanent installation or for special events, whether on stage with live effects, for film and TV productions or large shows, indoors or outdoors: Lunatx Flame Shows bring fire into incredibly different forms with hardware developed in-house. In live choreographies, the sea of flames seem to be dancing! Some say we’re playing with fire. We call it »Formation of Dancing Flames«.

Some say, we’re playing with fire – we call it »Formation of Dancing Flames«.

The flame archetype in general: The Olympic Fire. Inflammation developed and realized by Lunatx SFX.

Guinness World Record »The most flame projections launched simultaneously is 162« achieved by the Moscow Government’s Festival “Circle of Light”, coordinated by LBL Communication Group, performed by Lunatx SFX

Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world – Lunatx fire show with implementation in the already permanently installed water show

Lunatx fire show at the VW Autostadt

Lunatx fire show – implemented as a sound-reactive “fire organ” in the VW Autostadt

In the beginning was the fire

Few elements fascinate us as much as fire. At Lunatx LAB, we tame and develop it into “X-Flame,” the central building block of our world-renowned fire shows.

From indoor to outdoor and even between water fountains, our fire shows create goosebump moments. From the Olympic flame to Lake Burj Khalifa and the European Song Contest (ESC), our shows leave no smoke or oily residue. Sustainability is as important to us as performance and excellence.

Fig 1 – Lunatx fire shows are based on in-house developed technology, made in Germany: X-Flame.

Fig 2 — Fireballs, fire walls, flame staccato, fire suns, flame sequences, fire columns, fire waves – up to 42 meters high are possible.

Fig 3 — Synchronizable via DMX protocol, MTC or LTC timecode, with music and pyro compositions as well as online media.

Fig 4 — X-Flame setup, such as in Phantasialand, Burj Khalifa or Disneyland Paris – sophisticated security mechanisms are an integral part of every installation.

Fig 5 — X-FLAME Moving Units: Swiveling flames bring a new dimension to choreography. This allows both fast-paced music passages and quiet tracks to be orchestrated sensitively.

Fig 6 — X-SUN Case Study for Shanghai Disney Resort. A rotating flame sun mounted on a lifting arm rising from a water pool.

Fig 7 — X-FLAME SPINNERs defy all weather conditions: strong wind and plenty of water.

certified by TÜV, celebrated by millions

With our X-Flame system, you as a customer are on the safe side: It is certified by the German TÜV, does not require local approval and thus simplifies the fire protection assessment by the fire brigade. It is the only flame system worldwide with TÜV certification and offers safety circuits such as “dead man” and “emergency stop”. Monitored by fail-safe PLC.

Whether as a permanent installation or for special events, whether on stage with live effects, for film and TV productions or large shows, whether indoors or outdoors: With the redundant high-pressure valve technology used, coupled with a double high-voltage ignition, the breathtaking effects can be precisely planned and safely implemented. Our Lunatx fire shows are celebrated by millions and are known for their performance and excellence.

The creativity of the Lunatx SFX crew paired with the unique features of the Lunatx SFX flame systems opens up new horizons for all kinds of live choreographies.

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